What We Do

All it takes from the manufacturer to start his own profitable monobrand online store is to fill ARISTOS warehouse with goods and let us know the recommended prices. Yes, it is as simple as that. Hereafter our partner is entitled to just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, we'll take care of everything else, such as:

Storefront development (software engineering, design, trade-marketing, SEO, SMM, CRM- programs, etc.)

Back-end development (Administrative Interface: makes it possible to manage product catalog, prices, orders, and work effectively with users. Most of the changes to the site are made via this interface).

ERP — Enterprise Resource Planning (The ERP system monitors the capitalization and expenditure of goods, records of items in short supply, optimal stock balance, supply requests, shipment routing and many other aspects).

HelpDesk — Feedback Management System (System saves all e-mails and submitted forms and uses them in generating of requests. The user is notified of a request creation, its registration number and expected time of response. Requests are distributed among various departments. Supervisors may analyze responses of employees)

Infrastructure development (front/back-office, showroom, delivery service, warehouse, call-center, self pick-up points)

Customer relations (offline workshops, tryouts, exhibitions, special events, etc.).


SINCE 1998

The company was established by pioneers of e-commerce in Russia. In 1998, we developed the first Russian online store dostavka.ru Since 2010, we have exclusively specialized in providing e-commerce out- sourcing services to large European brands.


Development of the technological base for the creation of premium quality online shops

Setting of e-commerce industry-specific standards

Bringing the brand values to the attention of the buyers